Plantation House


The Plantation House was based on architectural plans discovered by the Sherman family from an 1800s Southern Plantation home. The antiques inside the house are authentic and some date back well over 125 years.

The home features a 5ft botanical chandelier, 99 window panes, Copper finished tin ceiling plates, 3x3 story tack vintage brick fireplaces (visible from the outside), Lath and Plaster walls, Oiled Oak Flooring, Rewired Oil Lamps from the late 1800s, Over 500 pieces of mismatched China tea sets, Hand carved solid oak buffets and cabinets, vintage books dating back to the 1800s and a 1934 Atwater Kent 5 Tube Radio.  


Plantation House Amenities

Tables adorned with beautiful Gold Crinkle Taffeta Linen

Vintage Candelabra Centerpieces

Chocolate Satin Napkins

Vintage Mismatched China

Amber Glass Water Goblets

Antique Gold Accented Silverware

Tea Service with Vintage Teacups & Saucers

Delicate Array of Tea Sandwiches

Fresh Seasonal Fruit

Dessert display of French Pastries

Fresh Lemonade, Water & Iced Tea

Hot Coffee


Food options

Select Tea Sandwiches (Vegetarian and Vegan Options are available)

Select Pastries (Gourmet Scones, Cookies, Petite Cupcakes and Muffins)

Seasonal Fruit Display


Drink Options

Stationed Lemonade

Stationed Iced Tea

Myrtle Berry Lemonade

Stationed Coffee

Stationed Water

Full Tea Service

Beer & Wine


Dinnerware Options

Amber Drinking Glasses

6” China Plate

Mismatched Vintage China Plates, Cups and Saucers

Tea Cup & Saucer

Chocolate Cotton Satin Napkin

Antique Gold Accented Silverware

Tour Packages

Plantation House Tour

Myrtle Creek Garden Tour

Plantation House Tour with Select Soup (or Salad)

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