The Secret Garden That Will Make Your Kid’s Love of Nature Bloom

Imagine if you could take your kids to a fairytale garden that you thought only existed in the pages of a storybook. Luckily, just a short jaunt away in Fallbrook, lies a world of wonder in Myrtle Creek Botanical Gardens & Nursery. Here kids and families can wile the day away amidst endless blossoms in the company of butterflies, birds and even resident kitty cats. You can savor a picnic lunch, complete with homemade pie and lemonade, feed mountain goats and build a fairy garden! Read on to learn more about this portal to a magical retreat.

A Unique Fallbrook Find

"Recently, on a warm April day, my wife and I ventured to the eastern edges of the Fallbrook community to take in a botanical garden we had become aware of through a brochure. Not knowing what to expect, we were more than pleasantly surprised to find a quaint, historic, former farm  which had been converted over the years into a multi-use facility. Known as Myrtle Creek Botanical Gardens and Nursery, named after the creek running through the property, it now offers gardens to walk through, a nursery selling a variety of botanicals, a café, a historic barn, carriage house, a plantation styled home, farmhouse gift shop and a step back to the early 1900’s." 

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