Juneʻs Southern California Gardening Tips

School is out, time for vacation! Why not take a vacation to your garden? There is always something to do in your garden and why not get your family involved!

During June Roses need to deadheaded in order to get rid of the spent flowers and give the more energy to produce new blooms.

Make sure to fertilize them right after their bloom cycle!

Keep and eye out for mildew, especially in our “June Gloom” weather.

When the Azaleas complete their blooming cycle be sure to fertilize them with Azalea fertilizer or and acidifying fertilizer.

Herbs and Vegetables
Pinch back the Basil in order to keep it from “Bolting”.  Now is the perfect time to plant your vegetables! You would have never have guessed it, but it is time to plant your pumpkins!

It’s time for the boysenberries and ollalieberries to start fruiting this month! YUM!

Garden "to do's"
Pick the faded flowers from your annuals to encourage production of new blooms.

It’s time for snail and slug damage to occur so keep a lookout!

The pesky worms may start damaging your geraniums, make sure to pinch them off or use a B.T. spray.

Tired of having mosquitoes around? Try changing the water in your birdbath to discourage mosquitoes.

June Bloomers:

  • Daylilies
  • Jacarandas
  • Magnolias
  • Agapanthus